Parent Partnership


At Branston Pre-School Centre we value the partnership we have with parents and believe that children learn and develop to the best of their potential when we work together.


Research shows that parental involvement contributes to an effective, positive Pre-School experience.  Branston Pre-School is a registered charity and to keep our fees as low as possible and work effectively within the Statutory Framework and the remit of the Early Years Alliance, we actively invite parents/carers in to the setting to help with activities and contribute to learning experiences.  This helps maintain the high ratio of adults to children in our group, affording individual care and attention to each child.  It also gives parents the opportunity to take an active part in the group and see what happens there and talk about it afterwards with their child.  In addition it provides a valuable opportunity for all children to see their parent in a different role.  Helping at Pre-School is an enjoyable and often enlightening experience and you are welcome to bring your younger children with you if helping out during sessions.  You get an insight into Pre-School life, observe your child interacting with others and meet other parents.  We are happy to accept help from both parents/carers as well as friends, grandparents or other relatives.  Whilst helping you will be asked to help supervise activities which require an adult to be present for health and safety issues or for adult interaction eg: physical equipment or creative/messy play.  You will also be asked to help tidy away some of the equipment so that members of staff are free to fulfill the curriculum.  We really appreciate your input and involvement and we know from experience that the children do too!


The EYFS and Early Years Alliance recognises parents as the first and most important educator of their young child/children.  Our Pre-School aims to support parents and work in partnership with them.

Parents are welcome to:

Work in the group with the children

Assist with fundraising

Join the fundraising committee

Represent the Pre-School at the branch and activities of the Early Years Alliance

Attend open meetings of the Early Years Alliance

Attend training courses, workshops and conferences organised by the Early Years Alliance.


We offer parents, carers, grandparents and other significant people to the children opportunities to visit during our sessions to share in their children’s learning journey with us.  This includes Stay and Play days, Christmas performance, our Easter Eggstravaganza, May Day Parade, Sports Day and a range of fund-raising activities.  We also welcome parents with dual languages to read stories to the children or tell them about different cultural or religious events.  If you have an interesting occupation, we would very much be interested in you coming along to talk to the children about it.  We are always very grateful if you have a skill or knowledge that we can utilise and to help us as a registered charity.