Admissions and Fees


Branston Pre-School Centre welcomes applications from all children, irrespective of gender, race, language, culture, additional needs or medical needs.

You are required to have a minimum of 2 sessions per week on entry, up to a maximum of 4 sessions per week. Sessions are subject to availability.

A child entering Pre-School must be 3 years of age. Free early education funding is available for children from the term after their 3rd birthday. Children may attend before they are eligible for funding once they turn 3 (subject to availability of sessions) however such sessions will be charged at the current session fee. Parents/carers are advised that should they choose to take this option and take less sessions initially that Pre-School cannot guarantee that further sessions will be available when their child becomes eligible for funding.

Applications will be considered with initial respect to a child’s date of birth. We are not able to ‘save’ sessions back for children on our waiting list until they turn 3 if we have other eligible children waiting to attend and already of age- regardless of the time of application. Instead we will contact you as soon as a place becomes available following your child’s 3rd birthday. This is simply to ensure that Pre-School runs at its utmost capacity and serves its purpose effectively and fairly.

The Pre-School Manager or other suitable representative will contact parents/carers in the term preceding the child’s 3rd birthday to discuss possible entry dates, session availability etc. All interested applicants are freely invited to call to the setting for an insight into Pre-School sessions. Confirmed admissions will be invited to attend an Open Afternoon at the Village Hall shortly before the child’s first Pre-School session.

Pre-School welcomes applications from outside the local area and enjoys strong relationships with several local primary schools. It has particularly strong links to Rykneld Primary School as its neighbouring setting. However, attendance at Branston Pre-School does not influence admission to Rykneld Primary which operates its own admissions policy.


For those not in receipt of early years funding, each session is £15. Our Administrator will send you an invoice of fees payable at the start of each term, which you can pay weekly or monthly.

Please see our Fees policy for information regarding non payment of fees.

Please place the fees in a named envelope and hand to a member of Staff who will record the payment.

Fees are payable if your child is unable to attend due to sickness or holidays. Prolonged illness/hospitalisation may result in the fees being waivered (this decision is made by the Committee).